Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1. 1 Royal Gala apple (supposed to be Granny Smith)
2. 1/2 peeled cucumber (supposed to be a full cucumber)
3. Bit of lime juice (supposed to be a full lime)
4. 1 avocado (I did a bit less than a full one)
5. Some water (I got this one right)
6. Mint leaves

This is a really exotic raw soup. The name is just raw avocado soup, but it tastes like so much more. It tastes like fruits and vegetables at the same time. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I did warm it up too, just because I haven't had a warm soup in a while, besides the stew last night for dinner. I also sliced up some celery and topped it off with a couple leaves of spinach. And I had a fried onion sandwich, haha. Just for some dips.

All well, I'm going to sushi tonight at Saga over on Plains Road with Brittney and Chantale. I'm not going to eat from now until then, so I can get extremely hungry and then satisfy that hunger in LARGE QUANTITIES OF RAW FISH! I love you, sushi.

For now, I will wash up and start with the Oleanders.

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