Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If all goes well, and the courses I want don't fill up before my time ticket on July 7th at noon, this will be my schedule for 2nd year:

FILM-240* Media and Popular Culture
This course surveys a variety of popular media forms and genres (film, TV, radio, music, novels, magazines, advertising, news, Internet).Introduces contemporary cultural studies analysis concerning the impact of everyday media use on the formation of identities, perceptions, lifestyles and communities.

GNDS-215* Sexual and Gender Diversity
This course is an introduction to studies in sexuality and gender diversity. It will survey the field and include topics such as classical inquiries into sexuality, contemporary theories on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer identities, sexual movements, human rights, sexual morality, pornography, global sex trade, and queer cultural production. This course is open to all students but required for students enrolled in the Certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity. It is designed to introduce SXGD students to the field and prepare them for selecting future courses.

PHIL-158* Critical Thinking
A discussion of the general principles of reasonable discourse, with a focus on persuasive and cogent writing.

PHIL-256* Existentialism
Representative figures from Kierkegaard to de Beauvoir will be the focus of attention in this overview of the main ideas of existentialism, a vital movement in contemporary philosophy. The foundations of existential thought, its distinctive style of argumentation and its relationship to the perennial concerns of philosophy will be explored.

PHIL-257 Ethics
A study of problems in moral and/or political philosophy from the ancient or early modern period to the present.

PSYC-100 Principles of Psychology
An introductory survey of basic areas of psychology including perception, cognition, learning and motivation and their biological substrata. Also reviewed are child development, individual differences, social psychology and behaviour disorders. Research participation experience is provided for students on an individual voluntary basis. Students are encouraged to participate in up to five hours of research experimentation.

RELS-223* Buddhism
Buddhism in India, the life and teaching of Gautama the Buddha, and the growth of the Theravadin and Mahayanist traditions.

RELS-252* Mysticism
The academic study of mysticism; mystical movements; and mystics.

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