Monday, May 31, 2010

A good morning!

Good morning, everyone!

I woke to sun being bright and the construction being loud and my stomach being happy. A little crunched because I had some fruit late last night, but nothing out of the ordinary. I began the detox! I'm starting with the 32 ounce water + lemon + raw ginger good morning beverage, and will concoct a little green smoothie once my parents wake up, so I will not be held accountable for their early morning stress and frazzle.

I'm just here brainstorming some ideas concerning what exactly to post on this blog, in segment formation. I was thinking I could divide it into about 9 sections: food, reading, writing, photos, music, yoga, meditation, exercise, and miscellaneous.

Food: recipes and finds, photos and reviews of my food, restaurants (reviews), etc.
Reading: research, books and cook books (reviews and excerpts), personal research (dreams, school, etc).
Writing: interviews (of friends, family, and hopefully bands in the GTA), my days and feelings and progression as a person, journal thoughts/excerpts regarding living well.
Photos: all the time, of all kinds, within posts and by themselves.
Music: concerts, bands, songs that I love and care to share, alongside explanations as to why they help me live.
Yoga: my volunteering at Kula, my experiences in the studio (in Burlington and Kingston, back at Studio 330), studio updates and promotions.
Meditation: more to come in this section.
Exercise: my routines, what I do, what I enjoy more so than other exercises, etc. Biking, swimming, running and jogging, maybe a little weight lifting after the detox is over. Those with blood type A, however, are encouraged to only do light exercise instead of intensive training like type O's should do (the meat eaters).
School: starting 2nd year at Queen's, frosh week as a gael (frosh leader), events around campus, living on my own in a house with 4 others, and my experience as head of human relations and socials coordinator for Oxfam this year. If I get into radio with CFRC (101.9 FM), I'll write about my volunteering with them 1st semester, and then hopefully getting a radio show, either alone or with some friends by 2nd semester. Moreover, I also plan to get involved with the Exposure Art Festival, the festival that runs for a week in February consisting of displayed art, workshops and the sort around campus. I contributed 2 pieces of writing in 1st year, so I hope to send in a lot more of my art this year. Hopefully I'll be able to write a little something for one of the school papers every so often too, but the only thing I'm concerned about with this is time management, but we'll see. I'll also write about my experiences writing for Muse magazine, ran and given life by my friend Fallon Collet, who also co-runs The Style Monster, and her pal Robbie. I know that the first article I'll be writing is interview style, and I'll actually be interviewing Robbie himself about his art as a 2-4 page spread, I believe.
Miscellaneous: links, work updates (the challenges, the freedom, and what have you), and a little something something about a tattoo.. possibly. Keep checking back for updates, 'cause I'm excited.

Expect more posts later today, haha. I can't help it, I'm just excited. For now, I'll note how I'm going out to dinner to Meagan's mother's tonight.. on the first day of my detox.. this should be interesting. Already I feel like an inconvenience, but I know her mother and Meagan will both be understanding. At least they don't have to cook extra, right? I'm interested to see the stigma against raw foodism within the general public that I surround myself in. I'm deviating from the norm, and I know this, and it's not to deviate or to make a statement or to stand out, however. And I hope you(s) don't take my personal decision to make the right health choice for me and my own blood type even, as a threat, or think of me as trying to be better than the rest. I really, truly do not believe this. I'm just continuing on with my life, but in a better way than I used to. Not better than you. Just better for me, you see?

PS. "I Was Thinking..." by Gauntet Hair. A couple of guys (Andy R. and Craig Nice) from Colorado, making music since age fifteen, and making you want to dance in the morning, despite the fact that you can't always understand exactly what they're saying. Here's just a little something to get you going, if you'll have it. I'll have me some!

Genuinely excited,

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