Thursday, June 3, 2010


There is no morning photo today because I woke up extremely late, and I changed my routine around. Since I woke up a couple times before I actually got up (around 10, which is obscure for me), I wanted to make a change. I was talking to Beth about it, and since there is no bad number of times to take fibre, I've increased the number of P&B shakes per day from 1 to 2, which most people eventually do during their cleanse. Some people end up taking it 3, 4 and 5 times a day, which I'm sure can be a shit show. Literally, though. So I'll be taking the P&B as soon as I get up (because I can't eat until an hour afterwards), and right before bed, making sure I leave 1 hour of time before and after taking the shake of not eating, in order for it to work properly. I just want to cleanse already! I feel some movement, however. Let's go already.

The past two days of mine have been very, almost painfully regular, or standard. I've been on the computer, sitting, laying, and watching TV. I haven't had the energy to do anything else, unfortunately. Then I realized this morning that today is different because I woke at a different time, different things went on, different feelings and whatnot, new routine. This proves that I thrive on change. And I was also chatting with Dave last night, just about things, and it was a good talk. We actually talked about what I realized in myself too, something that we both learned from Mr. Wood. That being that we require people outside ourselves in our lives to grow and to develop. I explained to him that I agreed with this thought, and used yoga as a figurative "person," as yoga helps me uncover things within myself that I couldn't find alone. It helps me grow, and develop, and explore a little further. My conversation with Dave alone was a change, and reset me a little. Whenever I go to yoga, I go expecting to feel differently leaving than I do entering the studio. And this always rings true. The same goes with conversations as such. Or any other changes. Change resets me. Refuels me, even. Sets me right. Re-aligns me and puts me back on track, or on a new track for that matter. I need to continue to lead a life of change, an interesting life, a life in constant fluctuation. And I know I can't do it alone. I seek help outside myself, and I used to shun that from my thoughts I think, just a little. I am and I have warmed up to the idea of asking for help, and "learning how to be virtuous by observing those who are virtuous, who have recognizably virtuous acts in common." (Paraphrased from PHIL 115). I'm not afraid to ask a stupid question.

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