Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New York City.

Waking up at 4:00am, eating the pre-made cereal I made, drinking the pre-made smoothie I made.
Leaving at 5 to get Meagan.
Pit stops for bagels, teas, muffins and apples, then for a tuna sandwich, some gasoline.
Funeral passing, buses passing, more buses passing, more buses passing.
Playlists, shuffles, dedications, John Mayer, Love Shack, Sheryl Crow, Leslie Feist, Radiohead. Thanks.
Expensive valet parking, ta for now, little green ARST, rest up.
Central Park, absolutely wandering in the humidity. Really wet or really warm or really both?
Rediscovering past places, a fountain, a field, a memorial, some bridges, some Jodi Foster bridges.
Observation: humanity, everywhere, never ending.
Bicycles, horses, pedestrians, persons.
Vegetable Subway sandwich consumption in a cafe. Andrew's purchase of a really sugary smoothie.
Guava, mango, things.
NBC Studio, retrieving our 4 bright tickets.
Walking, walking, not allowed to stand, not allowed, simply forbidden to stand and form a line.
Dispersing, being ants, flailing, requesting reasons!
Escalator, wait, line, no standing on the stairs, the stairs are your lava, and you'll die.
Sitting on red carpet seats, cushiony. Stage left. See me there? Me neither.
Observation: Wow.
Note: Internship.
Chuckles for Jimmy Fallon, a quirk, a butt.
NBC Store, F.R.I.E.N.D.S mug, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon waterbottle.
A Seinfeld mug that "may or may not be a gift for you for Father's Day," not like Flag Day.
Times Square. Roaming, walking, being perfectly okay, being good.
Observation: Diversity.
Observation: So much.
Feet a little funny, but not overwhelmingly so. Walk.
Walk twenty blocks, Empire State Building.
Elf. Elf. Elf. Elf.
Escalator, line, metal detector, line, line, line, line, and some dollar bills. Line.
From here, I have no words.

From here, I have no words except these.

All I'll say is that the air is a whole lot clearer up here.

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