Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Fruit and New Yolk.

Let me start us off with a little bit of Feist intertwined with Grizzly Bear.

So today is my first day of non-detox. I decided 10 full days was enough. I'm excited already to be eating regular foods again, although I've been slowly transitioning into a better, balanced, more suiting diet for me. I'll limit dairy as much as possible, increase consumption of beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, and I will eat mainly fish (salmon and tuna) and chicken for protein. I'll still be blending a lot of smoothies and soups, because I loved them so, so much. My new thing is frozen fruit. I've been devouring frozen bananas, apples, and slices of mango especially. I have an orange and pear in the freezer right now. I can't stop, and it's magical. I'd rather be eating frozen fruit than frozen dinner. Wouldn't you?

I incorporated some grains today (some cereal with an assortment of nuts; almonds, walnuts, and hulled sunflower seeds) with frozen banana. I can't stop. I also tried some unsweetened almond milk with the cereal, and then had a tiny bit of unripe goat milk cheese that I couldn't wait to try, since the two weekends ago that I bought it. At first my stomach hated me a little, but it settled. I'm going to try some more grains and then continue running once my energy is back up to par, since if you cut out carbs completely for a period of time, and then add them back into your diet, you bloat a little. I don't want to bloat, you see.

I'm so looking forward to eating with people again instead of making my own meals completely. Even when I was at Katie's the other evening, she had a leftover portobello mushroom with basil leaves and spinach in it. So exotic, and so forbidden from raw foodists. I think the detox uncovered within me a new appreciation for the diversity among food that is available to us. I savour the taste and notice, and furthermore appreciate what each bite does for me now.

Moving along, I'm going to share a little about my next upcoming days with you. I'm going to start with Monday, however. Play this:

I'M GOING TO NEW YORK! ...for one day! Mhm! Meagan, Beth, Beth's brother Barrie and I are heading to NYC on Monday morning, 5 in the morning, headed for the Big Apple. The purpose of the trip is to see a screening of Jimmy Fallon, at 4 in the afternoon I believe. However, we're going to arrive around noon, and just simply Be in New York, experience Jimmy, grab a bite, and drive home. It sounds a little obscure, but whatever, it's New York! I'm excited to get up in the early morning, get in a car, and just friggin' drive to NYC. It'll be so strange being in a new country for 1 single day, and returning to my bed later that night. I'm so looking forward to this though. I wonder if my urge to live there will resurface from the time I went there 2 years ago with school. Magic.

Today I worked from noon to 2, and then I work again at 5:30. Same goes with tomorrow. It's nice being back, and it's nice feeling wanted there again, by the staff and managers. Tomorrow after work I'm meeting Dave for teas and coffees. Saturday my folks are hosting a pirate themed pool party, and I work at 5:30, and then I'll be heading to Brittney's to be a bystander for their flip cup tournament. I wonder how this will play out! I'm excited to see everyone though, regardless of the fact that I'll be the only one there not drinking. Sunday I'll see Kat! Monday I'll go to New York!

Sorry, I'm just really stuck on New York right now, alongside frozen fruit. ALL IS WELL, TODAY IS SUNNY, GO OUTSIDE!

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