Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first P&B.

Well friends, I've survived my first legitimate day of raw eating. For the past 3 or 4 days I have been eating raw to make the detox a smooth transition, aside from different foods like some nuts and seeds and salad dressings. Today after the smoothie, I had a salad for lunch, with the beets, and then some fresh fruit and vegetables between that and dinner at Meagan's, another salad, which I did not mind at all. I did however find myself looking at Meagan and Alex's pasta plates throughout dinner, kind of sort of wanting to take a bite, but just for the taste. Then I remembered how full I would be, and how much of a shock pasta and meat sauce would be to my body after these past few days of eating clean and raw.

I just got in from Kula an hour or so ago and fixed myself my 1st psyllium & bentonite shake. I combined the powder and the liquid clay with some pure orange juice and diluted it with water, just to make it seem like I was drinking something that actually had a decent taste. So far so good. I'm not expecting results overnight though. We'll see where this goes.

Also, I have developed small sections of a rash on my face. Beth said that this is to be expected, and that this is a way that toxins will be eliminated from my body; rashes, pimples, bad breath, coated tongue, etc. This is all apart of the process, and I'm glad it's working.

However, most of the day I've been feeling dizzy and literally unbalanced. I'm sure it is the combination of the heat and humidity, and the change within my body, and possibly the greens powder? I'm not too certain. However, I'm going to let my body do what it needs to do. Beth told me that the first couple days will be the hardest. Head aches are good things, in her eyes.

I'm off to bed now though, probably a little later than I should be. Here we go! And here comes the rain.

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