Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"It's working!"

I've been texting Beth and told her how I was feeling, and she still reassures me that it's all normal, and that it's working and happening correctly. I feel more dizzy and light headed today, more so than yesterday or any previous day, even during my test run a few days ago. She says that I'll feel crummy the first couple days and dizzy and nutty, and will hopefully wake up one day with a bunch of energy that I won't even know what to do with it, she says. I'm feeling confident about it, but it's weird. I just feel.. hormonal? Emotional? Up and down and everywhere and the sort, etc etc. I'll just go with it, and do what I can, and lay low, and watch a movie. And now a head ache is brewing, and I feel physically foggy, and a little frazzled, and confused, and lost. Ok there, let's carry on.

I just grabbed this really, really amazing mixed album today off the internet. The mix is called "Dark Was The Night," and the majority of the artists I already know and absolutely love. The disc is the 20th compilation directed towards raising awareness for HIV/AIDS, benefiting the Red Hot Organization. Although it came out in the middle of February of last year, it's still really refreshing stuff. There are also some stunning collaborations mixed throughout, including Buck 65 & Sufjan Stevens, Justin Vernon & Aaron Dessner, Dirty Projectors & David Byrne, Feist & Grizzly Bear, as well as Ben Gibbard. How perfect? So perfect. I'll post the link to both of the discs below if you'd like to have a listen, or ten.

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