Monday, June 7, 2010


I feel physically worse, but mentally better, knowing that I've been feeling physically worse. For today at least. I did the salt water flush around 1pm today, and it finally kicked in about a half hour ago, and I'm finally seeing and feeling results. This is my eighth day of detoxing, and I have added some things that are not purely raw (almonds, dry apricots and prunes to get things going, some chick peas for protein, and I think that's about it besides different spices like curry powder and cayenne pepper). I'm so excited for all of this to be over, and I'm not exactly sure when it will be. When I say it is, I suppose. However, since I've just recently been seeing results, I may be a little longer than 10 days, and make it around 14-18 days approximately. We'll see though. I just want to reformat my diet already, and slowly incorporate BREAD again. I miss starch! Here we go.

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